The 11 Magnolia Lane Organizing Products

Printable Student Binder Collection {Pink}

Printable Student Binder Collection {Pink}

Make your student's year GREAT with this printable Student Binder. This set contains 10 pages you can print as many times as needed, all in a fun pink, gold and navy confetti theme.

Printables included are:

The Calendar Pad Weekly Printable {a $4.99 value}--a page to plan their entire week: activities, chores and school assignments.

Monthly Plan--a sheet to plan their entire month to track long-term projects, sporting events, homework and lists of things they need to buy or obtain and a section for things they need to accomplish that month.

Wish & Dreams Planner--a fun place to make a birthday or holiday list, set future goals and hopes or just compile achievements {great for confidence!}.

Schedule--a schedule in grid form, perfect to track classes, assignments or sports schedules.

Wardrobe Planner--the perfect place to control spending, planning for the coming season, a big dance or activity clothes. A great place to plan and save for material purchases. 

Activity Schedule--A weekly calendar of activities before, after school, and in the evening. This is helpful so students can begin the skill of allocating time appropriately. This skill ensures they get homework done before practice, study for an upcoming test and learn the value of preparation.

Reading List--A place to log books read, encouraging readers and tracking literacy success.

Assignments--This sheet compiles assignments in a variety of ways, either by subject, by week, by date due. It is easily adaptable to the needs of the individual student and academic situation

Project Planner--perfect for group or long-term assignments, this useful sheet provides a place to outline all the details necessary to complete a large assignment. This sheet helps develop an organizational approach to learning and use of prior-planning for greater success.

Chore Checklist--this is the perfect place to hold a child accountable for their household contributions {without asking and nagging!}. The handy checklist allows them to know what is expected of them, and allow them to mark it as completed.

A Cover Sheet--The binder begins with a colorful sheet to inspire your student each day. This pink and white and gold artwork reads "You will never have this day again, make the most of it!" to get them off to a great start.

All pages can be printed as many times as necessary and in either black and white or color. They are designed with nominal graphics  to limit ink usage and focus on what matters. 

All 11 Magnolia Lane Organizational Products are thoughtfully designed to develop important organizational life skills such as time management, prior planning and individual responsibility to aid in academic success.

$ 4.99